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Introduction to Heartburn

Posted on by Lindsay Pruitt

When you have a burning sensation in your chest, you need heartburn remedies. But what do you know about heartburn?

Do you know that almost everyone had heartburn before? The statistics show that over 60 million Americans have it regularly.

Why do people have heartburn and what causes it? When the valve between your stomach and esophagus fails to work, it allows the food and stomach acid to back up. That is how you feel the burning sensation close to your heart.

When it comes to heartburn, you can't just fix a faulty esophageal sphincter using conventional methods. What you need to do is to reduce the acid in your stomach. The most frequently used drug for heartburn is antacids. They have acid reducing substances such as aluminum salts, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate that neutralize the acid in the stomach. For best results, you ought to just take antacids one hour after meals, or simply just before you feel the burning after a meal.

Although some drugs can help fix acid reflux, but you can develop dependence and could encounter unwanted effects in the future. If your acid reflux rarely appears, there is no need for them. Natural remedies can help but it does take time to determine one that is effective. However, in the long term, they are risk-free.

However, if the heartburn symptoms are severe or prolonged, it is time to check with your doctor.

Introduction to Heartburn
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